Our Mission

At Froodly, we want to help take positive steps towards a world without food waste. Our mobile platform connects local food retailers that have expiring food with consumers that are looking to have more money in their pockets, and wish to do their part in the fight against food waste. Consumers are able to locate deals around them, and find where they can get discounts on expiring foods, to save money and help the environment by saving this food from being wasted. Retailers have the opportunity to sell a larger amount of their expiring food, keeping shelves fresh and producing additional income.

Not only are we dumping food that most of the time could and should be eaten by others, but it also has a profound negative impact on the environment. Currently, almost all of the food that doesn’t get purchased before the expiration date on the product is picked up for waste disposal and brought to landfills. Not only do these landfills take up large amounts of space that could be used for other more beneficial things, but this wasted food creates an additional waste of water, energy, fossil fuels, and the time and money to produce the food.

The end goal for us, and the ultimate benefit of this process for all parties is to help to minimize the negative effects of this food waste on the ecosystem around us. If you’d like to help us reduce food waste, download Froodly’s food waste app now!

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback at +358 41 7036913 or at info@froodly.com

Best Regards,

The Froodly Team


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