Tip Tuesday: Sprouting Potatoes…To Eat or Not to Eat?

Sprouted potato

After storing potatoes for some time, sprouts always appear. Some people say that a potato with sprouts is not safe to eat anymore. But is this really true? And what’s the actual reason behind this?

Today’s Tip Tuesday will give you the answer!

As a matter of fact, sprouted potatoes are still safe for consumption when their main part is still hard and the sprouts are removed. They just contain less starch because this has been converted into simple sugars for the sprouts’ growth.

However, you should be aware of the following saying: “sprouted potatoes carry viruses”. This can happen sometimes, when the tuber carries the virus, which is less likely to happen at home. In addition to this, the virus affects the appearance of the potato, thus making it easy to understand when it is no longer safe to be eaten.

This is how a potato carrying a virus infection looks like:

Potato with wrinckles

In short, sprouting potatoes still can be eaten when they still look good from the outside. But when they have shrunk or wrinkled, then you should discard them immediately.

There you have it! Another useful Tip Tuesday that will help you save more food!

Stay tuned for more tips!

The information provided here is served as a general guideline.

Nutritionist of The Froodly Team
Wan Lih Ching


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