Tip Tuesday: Can Alcoholic Beverages Go Bad?

Bottles of wines

Have you ever asked yourself whether alcoholic beverages can go bad or not? Well, the answer to this question is “yes and no”. Let’s see together why.

The reason why alcoholic beverages do not go bad is because microbes cannot tolerate high concentration of alcohol. Thus, unopened beverages, with an alcohol content above 40% such as spirits, can be stored indefinitely.

However, people usually drink alcohol because of its unique taste, flavor, and mouthfeel. Wine, for instance, contains many compounds that contribute to the overall perception of the consumer. These compounds gradually degrade or oxidized on the shelf, not to mention if the bottle of wine is stored under light or at a warm (or fluctuating) temperature. For this reason, when a bottle of wine is kept for an extended period of time, you may notice a difference in taste and flavor.

To summarize: alcoholic beverages cannot go bad but they can definitely change their taste over time!

Enjoy your drink and…try to consume alcohol with moderation!

The information provided here is served as a general guideline.

Nutritionist of TheFroodly Team

Wan Lih Ching


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