3 Innovative Solutions to Fight Food Waste

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Food has an immense value. Every day it gives us the energy to wake up and live our lives, and it has the power to gather families and friends around the table to share experiences and laughs. Food shapes an important part of our culture. But that’s not all, behind every food item that we can find in a supermarket, there is a hidden list of important resources that have been used for its production and transportation: soil, water, energy, manual labor are just some of them.

Too often, while strolling around the grocery and buying stuff that we don’t need, and which will likely end up in the trash bin, we tend to forget about the value of food. This behavior, together with the inefficiencies at a production and delivery level, causes an incredible amount of food to be wasted.

Did you know that only one-quarter of the food wasted at a global level could feed the 795 million people around the world who suffer from hunger?

Recently, in this global jungle of edible food being thrown away, increasing human population and decreasing natural resources, some cutting-edge initiatives, aiming to reduce food waste, have arisen. Let’s see together what they are about!

1. Denmark – WeFood

Have you ever wondered what happens to the surplus produce in supermarkets? Well, most likely, in case the grocery doesn’t have any agreement with a charity organization, it will end up in a landfill. Sounds like a good waste eh? In Denmark, where 700,000 tons of wasted food are produced every year, an innovative supermarket has been established few months ago to reduce this trend. “WeFood”, as it is called, only sells surplus food (bread, meat, and organic fruit), in some cases past its sell-by-date, at a price 30 to 50 cents cheaper than a normal grocery, allowing everyone to purchase affordable and healthy produce.

2. US – Imperfect Produce

Launched in 2015, the Californian Company “Imperfect Produce” sells, at a price 30%-50% less than a traditional market, the veggies and fruit that a normal grocery would refuse to display due to their funny shapes. To facilitate the purchase, buyers can order a box of fresh veggies and fruit online, which will be delivered directly to their homes.

3. Sweden – FoPo

If you like alternative solutions to problems, this young and vibrant startup will definitely catch your attention. “FoPO – Food Power” collects fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted and turns them into dried powder which can later be used to prepare tasty milkshakes, yogurt, and desserts. The FoPo products would not only be sold in groceries but also to NGOs which operate in tough environments and climate conditions, which make food conservation difficult.

Bringing food waste to an end is not easy. Nevertheless, as the above-mentioned initiatives can prove, in the recent years an increasing amount of people have become more and more concerned with this crucial phenomenon and have started recognizing the precious value of food.

What about you? How do you fight food waste? Leave us your comments below, we would like to hear your stories!



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