Tip Tuesday: Expired Chips

Crunchy chips

Chips are irresistible, especially during parties and picnics, and when stored correctly they can last for a very long time!

Today, let’s discover together how to find out when your chips are no longer safe to be eaten!

The “best by” date shown on the chips’ label is mostly 6 to 12 months after the manufacturing date. Well, we know that chips are actually baked or fried and that they carry a very low moisture content (scientifically known as “water activity”). Microbes can’t survive in environments characterized by little water activity. Thus, when an unopened package of chips is properly stored, i.e. away from direct sunlight, away from moisture, and avoiding hot or considerable storage temperature fluctuation, they can still be eaten even few months after the “best by” date.

However, you should worry about the fat contained in the chips. Fat turns bad (“rancid” is the scientific term) quickly upon exposure to the air. For this reason, the chips contained in an opened package, or those packed in a low-quality material (modified-atmosphere-packaged chips are an exception) might slowly turn rancid.

To summarize, the chips contained in an unopened and properly stored package are most likely totally fine to be eaten even after their “best by” date. But, if you smell something rancid or see some oil droplets on the inner surface of the packaging, then you may want to throw them away to avoid the excessive intake of oxidized fats!

Stay tuned for the next Tip Tuesday and…be careful eating too many chips!

The information provided here is served as a general guideline.

Nutritionist of The Froodly Team

Wan Lih Ching


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