How Can We Feed The World’s Population in 2050?

The World’s Resource report posed the question: How will we increase the amount of calories for the world by 60% for the increasing population by 2050 in a way which will promote economic development and reduce environmental destruction?

Ingenuity in global sustainability is becoming increasingly popular with new ideas spreading across the globe daily. With new salvage grocery stores popping up in many countries it can now be said that One Mans Trash is Another Mans Nourishment. Almost expired food, over ripened fruits and vegetables and over stocked items are now being taken to special grocery stores which sell them at discount prices. In addition many communities as well as stores continue to donate extra or perishable items to soup kitchens and those in need.

Froodly is not only raising awareness and engaging the people of Finland but providing a simple solution in which everyone can contribute to helping reduce the overall amount of food waste.

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