Froodly’s Ravintolapäivä Food Rescue Campaign Will Now Be On Facebook!

As you may know, we at Froodly are looking to have as big of an impact on Ravintolapäivä’s food waste as possible, and are looking to include as many restaurant owners and foodies as we can! We have decided that the best way to do this was to make a Facebook group instead of including a Ravintolapäivä section in our app. We want to allow everyone to participate, instead of just those on one or two mobile platforms, and therefore thought that the Facebook group would be our best approach!

The Facebook group will have the same idea as the app: Restaurant owners can post pictures of their food that they might want to sell for a discount to ensure that it all finds hungry tummies!

If you’d like to submit your restaurant you can either email Brennan at to get it set up, or create an album yourself for your restaurant in the Facebook group! Anyone who’s looking to find the best around Helsinki can check out all of the deals through the Facebook group as well!

You can find the Facebook group here:

We hope your enjoy the day, and please email us if you have any questions!

The Froodly Team




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