Froodly’s back and even bigger for this Saturday’s Ravintolapäivä!

Our actions during last Ravintolapäivä helped 21 cooks and saved 200 kgs of food from being thrown away. However, we’re aiming to make an even bigger impact this time around by allowing all cooks around the Helsinki area to participate with us in fighting for this cause. Froodly invites all foodies in Helsinki to join us this Saturday (November 21st) as we continue to push towards a waste-free Ravintolapäivä.

This Saturday, Froodly is going to launch a special section in our app for Ravintolapäivä. In order to prevent food waste, individual restaurant owners can notify other foodies about their discounted dishes through Froodly’s app. Whenever a restaurant owner has food that they need to sell, these cooks can list their products on Froodly’s app for the discount that the cook chooses, so that people can find their restaurants and save these products. Good food should go to tummies, not to bins. We’re excited to see all of the great restaurants taking part, and are excited to help cooks and foodies alike to make sure that all this great food is eaten!

Froodly (food-friendly) foodies are food heroes. Join the community and make an impact with a swipe. An exciting week is ahead, because on top of our Ravintolapäivä section, we will also be releasing the Android Version of Froodly this week!

If you’d like to include your restaurant in Froodly’s app for Ravintolapäivä please send your restaurant name and location to, or any questions you may have!  Download Froodly’s iOS here, and we will keep you updated once we release the Froodly Android application!

Ravintolapäivä 0
Froodly’s food waste app will be helping cooks and foodies in Helsinki this Saturday. Image:



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