The US Takes its First Steps Against Food Waste

The big news from this week has been surrounding the first ever goal set by the United States to reduce food waste. While the United States may be the economic powerhouse of the world, it’s also the leading country in food waste. About 50% of the food harvested in the United States is never actually eaten, amounting to a massive 60 billion kgs of food every year.

The Obama administration has set a goal to reduce food waste by 50 percent by the year 2030. There has been a commitment to reduce waste on the part of many organisations, from governmental bodies, to the USDA and EPA, to charitable organisations and private firms. While the EU has made larger steps to set policies against food waste, including the well known French law banning supermarket food waste which was signed in May of this year, this has been the first ever food waste reduction target by the world’s leading food waste contributor.

While some countries across the EU have their individual food waste targets, many activists are calling for a larger EU-wide target. Last year, a goal was set to reduce food waste by 30 percent in the EU by 2025, however this goal will be replaced by the end of this year with a new, more ambitious proposal to promote circular economy.

We’re excited to see if the EU can match the ambition of the United States to solve this problem, and will be watching closely as the end of the year approaches! Head over to our website if you’d like to help us in fighting food waste in Finland.

US Food waste target
The Secretary of Agriculture’s Tom Vilsack announced the first ever food waste reduction target by the United States this past week.

Froodly’s iOS app is in the App Store!

Hello everyone!

We’re happy to announce that the iOS version of Froodly’s mobile app has been released today! It’s available for 5 supermarkets in the Helsinki region, but this number will be growing week by week. On this beta version of the app you will be able to see the daily discounted products that are nearing their expiration date at these supermarkets, and you will also be able to upload pictures of any expiring products that you see while shopping to alert others of these deals.

Along with the release of our app is Hävikkiviikko, the consumer’s association’s national food waste week here in Finland! All week activities have been happening to encourage consumers to reduce food waste, so it’s pretty fitting that we release our app this week!

Head over to if you’d like to download the app for free, or go to our site at to sign up for the Windows and Android versions which will be coming out soon!

Froodly's Food Waste App
Froodly’s app is now available for iOS!