10 Innovative Ideas That Are Reducing Food Waste (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our 10 Innovative Ideas That Are Reducing Food Waste! From Drones to Pig Food, we’ve covered 5 more innovative ideas that caught our eye that have set out to reduce food waste.

Autonomous Drones to Identify Crop Problems

SenSat, a start-up from the UK is planning on offering autonomous drones to farmers that will be able to identify problem areas in crops such as water stress, disease and nutrient deficiencies using ultra-high resolution sensors. These sensors will be able to detect these problems long before the human eye may be able to identify them so that corrective action can be taken before the crops are lost.

Using Food Waste and Beef Fat as Jet fuel

United Airlines has already begun purchasing Beef Fat and food waste and turning it into biofuel that could eventually power airplanes. This will help reduce the greenhouse gases from jet fuel, as well as finding a great alternative use for food waste!

The Pig Idea

An initiative that may not be new innovation (as it’s been done for milleniums before) is the Pig Idea, which aims to recycle food waste into food for pigs so that it’s turned back into a resource that we can use. Using food waste as food for pigs was a common practice until the BSE crisis in 1996, at which time the practice was banned. The Pig Idea, founded by some of the most important voices of Food Waste, including Tristram Stuart, aims to bring this practice back into the mainstream.

Hungry Harvest

How about turning surplus fruits & vegetables into a healthy and delicious bag of produce, and having it delivered to your door? That’s the idea behind Hungry Harvest, who collects surplus produce from farmers and wholesalers and delivers a balanced bag of fruits and vegetables to your doorstep every weekend! If that isn’t good enough, they also donate a healthy meal to someone in need for each delivery!

Food Cowboy 

One of the difficulties that many charities face with finding food donations involves the logistics of getting the food. Food Cowboy has created an app to help truckers and other donors search for surplus food from wholesalers and restaurants by location, operating hours and more, and also takes care of handle scheduling and communications, to ensure this surplus food gets eaten and avoids the waste bin.

Thanks for tuning in for Part 2! If you’d like more information about how we at Froodly are fighting food waste, please head over to our site at http://www.froodly.com

Drones fighting Food Waste
With the rise in popularity of drones, SenSat has aimed to use them to help farmers avoid crop loss.

2 thoughts on “10 Innovative Ideas That Are Reducing Food Waste (Part 2)

  1. Very interesting blogpost- really zeros in on unique perspectives that can occur to fight the foodwaste issue! It will be exciting to see when these initiatives get the support it deserves and so it can be widely adopted! As consumers we tend to have a more micro view on our actions, which is also very important in reducing the issue (ie: like our blog’s focus on cooking leftovers), but we also need large scale innovations to make bigger impacts! Thanks for a great inspo piece!


    • Hi Angela,

      Sorry for the little delay but I checked out your blog and looks great! It’s great to see initiatives popping up around the world that are aiming to solve this problem! Very true about the micro view, but it seems like more and more supporters, on the consumer, corporate and governmental levels are beginning to put more support into the area. Thanks for the nice comment 🙂


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