10 Innovative Ideas That Are Reducing Food Waste (Part 1)

We at Froodly are working to reduce food waste at the retail level, but the problem of food waste is one that can be seen at all of the levels of the food chain, right from production down to the consumer. We’ve compiled a list of 10 innovative ideas put forward by organisations to help reduce food waste around the world, and have split them into two parts. Here are the first 5 innovative ideas that we loved:

Redistribution of surplus foods

The best case scenario is that food is never wasted along the food chain, however this is probably an unrealistic scenario, and that’s where innovative companies like SecondBite in Australia come in to redistribute this surplus food that would’ve otherwise been wasted to consumers in need. Food that goes to landfills is a complete waste of resources like water and land, but it’s also food that could be used to help feed those in need. SecondBite has redistributed 16,7 million kgs of food from all parts of the food chain that would’ve otherwise been throw out to community food programs in Australia.

Storage tips for foods 

A problem that occurs for many consumers is that we may not know the optimal way to store our food at home, which can make our food go bad much quicker. Having the right information about how to store products can extend the life of our food at home by large amounts. A great example of an initiative taken to get this information to consumers can be seen from the Co-operative Group in the UK, who prints storage tips to have the best shelf-life possible right on the plastic produce bags of fruits and vegetables.

Picking food that wasn’t harvested

The Society of Saint Andrew in the US is taking the approach of picking produce on farms around the country that would’ve otherwise gone unharvested and deliver it to food banks and other organizations. In the first 6 months of 2015, they were able to save and distribute 34 million servings of food that would’ve been wasted without their help.

Love Food Hate Waste’s Smoothie Truck

Why not turn food that would’ve been wasted into tasty drinks that everyone can enjoy? That’s the mindset behind Love Food Hate Waste’s smoothie truck that turns fruits that were being thrown out into delicious smoothies. Not only do they taste great, but they are all free!

Turning food waste into biogas for buses

A new plant in Norway has begun converting household food waste into biomethane, which will be used as a renewable biogas for 135 Oslo region buses, reducing 10,000 tons of CO2 each year as a result. This seems to be the future of transportation (along with electric cars of course!), as we will also cover the use of this biogas in airplanes during part 2!

We hope you enjoyed this list and were inspired by some of these initiatives! Join us this weekend for part 2 of our 10 favorite innovative ideas that are reducing food waste. 🙂

Best Regards,

The Froodly Team

Food Waste ideas
Love Food Hate Waste turned food that would’ve been wasted into delicious fruit smoothies, all for free!

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