Thank you for your help on Ravintolapäivä!

We’re writing this blog post to thank everyone who helped us during Ravintolapäivä and we wish that everyone had a fun and successful day on Sunday! We’re happy to announce that we were able to rescue 200kgs of food that would’ve otherwise been wasted by supermarkets!

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our partner supermarkets and of course, you the cooks! We were able to swing by a few of the restaurants that we helped supply food for, and the recipes were quite tasty! A special thanks to the 7 supermarkets who provided the food for us:

K-Market Jätkäsaari

K-Market Kamppi

K-Market Erottaja

K-Market Albertin Herkku

K-Market Robert

K-Extra Herkkulautta

K-Supermarket Kaisaniemi

We’re also excited to announce that we will be launching the beta version of our Froodly mobile app on September 1st, and are looking for users who would like to help us with the testing of it. To be an early user and get a private invitation for the release of the app, please check out our website at and leave us your email.

Thanks again and we hope everyone had a great Ravintolapäivä 🙂

Froodly Reduces Food Waste
Froodly helped rescue 200kgs of food from supermarkets on Ravintolapäivä

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