Froodly is giving cooks free food for Ravintolapäivä!

Welcome fellow Ravintolapäivä attendees!

We at Froodly are putting together a campaign to try and help reduce supermarket food waste here in Helsinki, and are willing to supply food for cooks for free! Our goal for Ravintolapäivä (on 16.8.15) is to help create restaurants for the day that make great food, but also reduce food waste. We are getting food from supermarkets in Helsinki that would have otherwise been thrown away the day after and are hoping to cook with it, so it will be good food, and it will also be reducing food waste as a result. We’re looking for partners for the Ravintolapäivä to help us cook the food that we supply for the event, free of charge.

By creating a restaurant in this way, we can supply great food for people, measure how much food we save during the event, campaign to increase the awareness about food waste and help show that Ravintolapäivä helped save this supermarket food waste.

The project is volunteer-based, with us students collecting the food. The food we provide the partner will be free of charge, so if someone may be looking to set up a restaurant for the day but unsure of what to cook or where to get the food, we can help them by having that side of their restaurant covered for the event.

If you are interested please contact me at or +358 41 7036913, and we can discuss where and when we should deliver the food! For more information, visit or like us on Facebook.

Ravintolapäivä Food Waste Campaign
Froodly is looking for cooks to partner with for Ravintolapäivä on 16.8, and is giving them free food!

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