Welcome Readers!

Welcome to Froodly’s new blog, we’re extremely excited to get going! For all the readers from Finland, we hope your Juhannus celebrations are going well! This post serves as an introduction to who we are and what we do at Froodly.

So a little bit about ourselves, Froodly is aiming to tackle the terrible problem of food waste in our society. The last estimate from the MTT Agrifood Research Centre of Finland estimated that a total of 335-460 million kgs of food are wasted every year in Finland, or 62-85 kgs per person. This is an unacceptable number, and one that is creating roughly the same amount of carbon dioxide as 100 000 cars produce in a year. Not only does this wasted food create carbon dioxide and methane, two dangerous greenhouses gases, but it also occupies large amounts of land, and needs large amounts of freshwater, energy, fossil fuels and money to actually produce this food in the first place. We’re using up large amounts of our limited natural resources to create food that isn’t even getting eaten in the end.

This is where we at Froodly hope to intervene and help to push consumers and retailers towards a compromise that minimises the food waste produced, and that also brings added benefits to both parties. Our mobile application allows users to see all of the discounted products that are reaching their expiry date around them, and can therefore make buying choices that will help save them money and help to make a difference for the environment. Food retailers are able to have a platform that allows them to market these expiring products, which at the moment usually get thrown out, so that these retailers can obtain more revenue, reduce waste management costs, and do their part in being responsible businesses towards the environment around them.

The pieces that tie it all together are the contributors. Because we know that these food retail store employees don’t have the time to upload all of this information to our application, our personal contributors upload this information as much as they please, in return for Froodly credits. At certain milestones, these credits can be exchanged for great prizes and benefits, including ‘Green’ prizes for the environmentally friendly contributors.

So welcome to our blog, and we’re excited to embark on this journey with you towards a society that takes a stand against food waste in our community. Visit our website at www.froodly.com for more information or to become an early contributor!

Best Regards,

The Froodly Team


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